Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another heat wave

Well we're in for another heat wave  102 with the humidity it'll  feel
like 107.  make sure your trees get watered. The sun will scorch
 your trees & pots. If your trees are in dark colored pots or
 nursery containers they can get well above the 100 degree
 temperatures  and cook the roots.
 Ideally you should have your trees situated some where they can
get sun until about 12:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon then get full
shade the rest of the day.


   I also use Styrofoam boxes to keep my pre-bonsai in because
they stay cooler in summer 

     Hey, I thought if it works for beer & cokes
     why not bonsai trees?

    It also works in winter time the boxes keep
    the trees warmer

                   This is my pomegranate bed

                          I've already trimmed it once this year

         This is the 2nd. trimming this yr.I'll have to trim it again,
         probably in Oct.

       All this trimming comes with a price all those scratches
       are from the thorns on the pomegranate tree.

         Casey & his wife Mindy stopped by my
         shop and bought two bonsai,they're
         baseball fans from Oklahoma.
          See you in Sept.   

           Also Mr. Nguyen from Dallas & his brother
           or cousin from Oklahoma came by an bought a
           Forrest planting . They both have nice collections
           of Bonsai bought mostly from my shop
                          thanks guys.

                                       That's all for now

                           WAX ON ....................WAX OFF

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

wow July is almost over

        This is almost the last of July !!!  The time is really flying by. Well I better catch  you up.
I forgot to post about the  Ft. Worth Bonsai Society show & sale last month, June 15th  to
be exact. It was supposed to be Sat. & Sun. but there was a mix up in scheduling & the room
was booked for a wedding Sun. Long story short we were limited to Sat. only.   It was a good
show & sale anyway.    

          The following are pictures of  the show or the display area :


                                           Joe Andrews pointing out a good pot buy

                                                                        My wife Maria              ^

                                      mean we got to pack up at 5 ??


   A week later we were having a really bad day. I was frustrated & mad.
   We were down to one vehicle my wife's van had been in the shop for a month
 & Ihad spent a wad of money trying to get it fixed. I bought another van
 only to find out it wouldn't stay running. I was at end of my rope...on top
 of that a customer from Oklahoma came by to pick up a bonsai he had put a
 deposit on it a couple    of weeks earlier. He said how are you doing today?
 Not to good I've got car trouble. Well he said do you mind if I take a look at it?
 I'm a retired mechanic.

                                      I know God sent me this man cause I prayed for
                                       some help & Tito sowed up !!!           

                   Tito & his wife, she helped by looking up stuff on google
                    on her phone. He found a loose wire in the ignition &
                    fixed it.He wouldn't accept payment for fixing it-it's
                    what I do,I like to fix things. So I gave him his
                     Bonsai in return-it's what I do-barter if you know
                     what I mean---thanks Tito!!! 


                                    A couple of days later we had to cut down this
                                    tree in front of my driveway.

                              This is the stump that's left of the tree it took
                              2 wks to cut the trunks & branches &
                              haul them to the dump

                         That's all for now I'll post again in a couple of days

                              WAX ON ...................WAX OFF

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gathering moss

        The other day I had a customer ask me where I got the
moss to put on my Bonsai. Well when I go hunting trees to
dig up I also take note of any good moss to collect & when
I need some I go back & collect it :

                        I usually find it along the banks of creek beds
                        growing under some bushes or trees but it gets
                        some sunshine
                      or its out in full sunshine for part of the day

                        This is typical terrain for most of the creek beds in the area 

                        This is one of two cork bark pines I recently acquired

                        and this is the second I will post on their progress later

                        These are my cherry plum trees

                         They are producing edible fruit but I have to fight the
                         birds for them

                          and this is my Shaggy  Dog ficus its producing
                          decorative figs for the first time

                         Its taken five years to produce fruit

                         Sadly the tree that was presented to George & Laura
                         Bush was returned to me. They travel a lot &  they
                         forgot to have someone water it.  

                        It still has some life new leaves are coming in,we are
                        hopeful it will survive, will post on its progress.

        That's all for now will post again soon

                                                   WAX ON ......................WAX OFF

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