Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dallas annual auction

Heads up every one ...Dallas bonsai society will hold it's annual club auction on Oct. 1st.
At north Haven Gardens from 9:00 a.m. till 12:00's open to the public.
It's a good opportunity to pick up a bonsai and /or bonsai related material so come on out.

Since the weather's been so nice & the trees are coming out of summer dormancy I decided
to do some long awaited maintenance.

The first tree is a san jose juniper
in the white plastic tray.

After cutting the long branch on one
side I pruned & wired it

Now it has time to recover & get ready for winter.

I've done the same to the following trees

Some shaping

Some pruning

Some wiring

This wax leaf ligustrum planted on a rock had to go into a new pot.

It fit into a nice brown oval pot.

Left to right is me then James then Jacob &
the newest member of the Bonsai Bitch's
is Robert.
Were relaxing with a cold one waiting for the

Till next time!

Wax on ..............Wax off

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

100 degree heat wave finally over

Man was I glad when I heard the weather man say this 100 degree weather was
finally over!!!!! A lot of my trees were suffering from this heat. Not to mention myself.
It was get up super early to water & then for the rest of the day work for a couple of hours,
then go inside & rest for awhile. Then go back outside to work for a couple hours ,well you
get the idea.

These k
ingsville boxwoods turned into
crispy critters, but I still kept watering
them & some of them are making a
comeback. You
should never give up on
a tree untill you know for sure its dead.

The following trees are trees that showed
heat related stress.

The leaves dried up & shriveled.

Turning brown looking sad.

This tree lost most of it's leaves but
then with the weather changing
it started to
put forth new leaves,hallelujah!!!

It's funny how they can sense when the weathers going to change & come out of

summer dormancy. Any how I hope your
trees are doing well & if so keep up the good


All most forgot the tropicals they were
loving all the heat. they went crazy. look
at my Brazilian rain tree I have to trim it!

My nerofolia put out it"s fruit.

Here's the same tree in all it's glory,heat what heat,
I love it ...bring it on !!!

Oh well different strokes for different trees, I guess.

Wax on.........Wax off

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