Saturday, March 26, 2011

new trees

This is some newly acquired trees. Some are black pines, some red pines & some

The majority of these trees will be put into a growing bed for a few yrs. to gain
some girth.


black pine


black pine


red pine


Red pine


black pine


black pine


black pine


black pine


black pine

The rest of these are shimpaku junipers.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bob Castronovo

Hi Bob here are some pictures I'll send some more this eveing.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bob Castronovo

Hi Bob I was having trouble with my e-mail so I thought I would just send you the
pictures on my b
log. Just click on the pictures to get a closer view.

This is a boxwood

A zelkova

A privet

A Chinese elm

Another zelkova . If any of these meet with your
approval please let me know.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Collected chinese elm

This is one of my chinese elms which I planted in a bed in my nursery about 8 to 10
yrs. ago.
After 4 yrs. I had vowed to dig them up but after finding my self to busy with other
things in my nursery. I always found that spring had past & I said "Oh well I'll dig them up
next yr." then next yr. Then next yr.......Well next yr. has finally arrived!!!!

This tripple trunk next to one of my cenmented
posts was my first choice to dig up.
I figured it to be one of the hardest to dig up.

I was right one of the roots was under
the cement of the post.

After much digging & cutting roots we were
able to lift the large root ball out.

After loading on a wagon I had to decide
which side to cut off.

After much thought I decide to cut the
right side off & also cut the top of the
remaining tree off.

This is the left side of the tree which had two trunks
& was cut off;you can clearly see the three trunks.

In this picture you can see where the cuts were made on the left & the top of the tree.

You can see the out line of the tree & also
the cuts that were to the massive root ball.

This is after it was potted up in my bonsai
mix consisting of lava rock ,compost,soil,worm
castings,llama-poo,& watered with root stimulator & super thrive.
There were very few roots left on this
tree wish me luck I hope it survives!!!!
I will post on this tree later.

Wax on.......Wax off

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Lakewood botanical society

On Tuesday March 1st. a meeting of the Lakewood Botanical Society was
held at the home of Mrs. Christie Davis. I would like to thank Mrs. Davis for inviting
me into her beautiful home & for being such a gracious host.
I would also like to thank Mrs. Karri Nicols for contacting me to make the
Bonsai program to the Lakewood Botanical Society.
I hope the program was enjoyable as well as informative & that it sparked
a keen interest Bonsai.

Ray talks about the many types of
Bonsai that are available.

Wax on .....Wax off

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