Sunday, March 24, 2013


  I love this Dallas weather you never know
what to expect!!!!  I bet you we will have
another freeze before or after Easter!!!

  Any way I promised you an update on a collected tree
 that was growing in a crack in a huge rock

     I was able to get it out of the rock


        This was a close up of the trunk


            It had a massive root system

                This is the tree after it was potted
              and wired up ...hope it survives

                Daniel stopped buy to show me his
                 first try at a phoenix graft.. pretty nice!!        

                     Randy acquired some Black Pines but
                      he didn't have any room in his yard so
                      we made a deal.I would plant them
                      along side my Pines and Junipers

                   He would get ten and I would get the rest.
                    It was a lot of hard work to get the rocks
                    out and dig the holes.

                 Then I had to dig a trench for the watering

                       The two rows of Pines were dug with
                        tiles in the bottom of the holes to keep
                         the roots from growing straight down

                      The watering system was installed and
                       up running it took a total of 3days to
                       do everything now we'll wait to see
                        if they survive

                            Landon works evenings but he wanted
                            to go on a dig so we left in the a.m. and
                            he only had time for one tree.

                           By the time we got back and potted
                           his tree up he drove home and had
                           enough time to go work...nice tree!!

 That's all for now      WAX ON.............WAX OFF
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crazy weather continues!

   This Dallas weather continues to astound....freezing nights followed by mild daytime ...temperatures from the 30's to mid 50's to the  occasional 80's????
    Well the ground hog said it's going to be an early spring but I bet were in for a couple
 more freezing nights!!!

     These are Chinese Elms that were dug up from a bed in my yard.
Unfortunally they had borers & they were treated but they
were damaged.

        Now the damaged areas have to carved away

   I've cut the top of the tree down & exposed the
 damaged area it will have to have a wood harder to keep
 the wood from rotting

The damage to this tree was so extensive that I'll have to
hollow out the front all the way to the bottom

 The same thing will have to be done to this tree.  I've
 started to carve out the front & will incorporate some
  jin & try to immtate some old tree beat up by nature                                 

  On a recent dig I found this old juniper growing in
  crack between two boulders

  Luck was with me I was able to use a pry bar to
  slide the bottom shelf off. It broke up when it hit
 the creek

             Talk about a large root spread

        The root mass covered about a third of my truck bed

    I cut most of the root mass away to pot it. I will put up
    a picture of it on my next post.

        Hope it survives

  Daniel is a welder by trade but he weilds a pretty
 mean shovel.on a dig. He decided he wanted
this tree on a nearby creek bed. 

   He did pretty good on his first dig!!!!
Proud of his trees,see the smile on his face!!!!

                       That's all for now

                                             WAX ON................................WAX OFF


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