Monday, March 9, 2015

After back 2 back snow falls & now rain

                  After 2 back to back snow falls & now 2 days of rain
I'm ready for spring & summer to begin !!!!!!

        The first snow fall was mostly ice & snow

         Most of the ice was underneath  the snow

            4 days later we had almost 4 inches of snow

                  Which really covered my bonsai

             A few days later against my better judgment we went to
dig some more trees... there were patches of snow still

               After we dug up the trees  we set them up by the railroad
tracks notice the absence snow. we had trouble digging because
the ground was so wet because of the snow.

                I potted up my tree it is called a Bois d'arc / Bodark /Osage orange
take your choice it has other names

                   I trimmed it up & wired it.   we had tried to
dig up up other trees but we decided to wait for it
to dry up but now its raining !!!! So we have to
wait a few more days but its March collecting
time should be over?

   That's all for now   WAX ON.......WAX OFF

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