Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ice storm & now were expecting snow on top of that!!!

   My trees were thinking it was spring with this semi-warm weather
so I went & collected some trees & we get an ice storm & now we
get some snow on top of that oh well hopefully the trees will

    This juniper was pictured in my last post
it looks dead but it had some life to it.
I took pity on it decided to try & save it

   As you can see  there is some foliage on the
 branches & there is a small bud on the trunk
 only time will tell ?

    I can always tell if someone has been there
collecting before me by the gaping hole left
there. Common courtesy to the land owner
dictates that you should cover the hole.

    This juniper caught my eye as a possible
literati style

         So I dug it up

          At home in the back of my truck,
with a pot  I trimmed up the root ball

                Here it is all potted up & wired I still
have to do some more trimming but that can wait.

          This is another juniper that was
nearby so I dug it up also

           It will need some more top pruning 

        This is all for now I will post some more pics of trees I've
dug up & pics of the ice & snow!!!

                                           WAX ON..................WAX OFF

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