Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jeremy in Arizona per your request

           Jeremy here are some pics of the junipers I have on hand
that are for sale. I have many others & also deciduous &
tropical s

   This is a Hollywood juniper with a couple of
privet on the side   $175.00

 This is a kinshue shimpaku  in  a 1/2 gal.
container      $50.00

    This is a green mound juniper in a 1/2 gal.
container.            $40.00

   This is a green mound juniper almost ready
for a bonsai container.       $ 275.00

   This is a san jose junipeer in a one gal.
container.                $ 50.00

       That Buda in the background is about 4 ft. tall but I should
of put somrthing along side of the pots to give you a better
indication of the size of the trees.
        Anyway I can post some more trees tomarrow

              WAX ON..............WAX OFF

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