Tuesday, July 30, 2013

wow July is almost over

        This is almost the last of July !!!  The time is really flying by. Well I better catch  you up.
I forgot to post about the  Ft. Worth Bonsai Society show & sale last month, June 15th  to
be exact. It was supposed to be Sat. & Sun. but there was a mix up in scheduling & the room
was booked for a wedding Sun. Long story short we were limited to Sat. only.   It was a good
show & sale anyway.    

          The following are pictures of  the show or the display area :


                                           Joe Andrews pointing out a good pot buy

                                                                        My wife Maria              ^

                                               What..you mean we got to pack up at 5 ??


   A week later we were having a really bad day. I was frustrated & mad.
   We were down to one vehicle my wife's van had been in the shop for a month
 & Ihad spent a wad of money trying to get it fixed. I bought another van
 only to find out it wouldn't stay running. I was at end of my rope...on top
 of that a customer from Oklahoma came by to pick up a bonsai he had put a
 deposit on it a couple    of weeks earlier. He said how are you doing today?
 Not to good I've got car trouble. Well he said do you mind if I take a look at it?
 I'm a retired mechanic.

                                      I know God sent me this man cause I prayed for
                                       some help & Tito sowed up !!!           

                   Tito & his wife, she helped by looking up stuff on google
                    on her phone. He found a loose wire in the ignition &
                    fixed it.He wouldn't accept payment for fixing it-it's
                    what I do,I like to fix things. So I gave him his
                     Bonsai in return-it's what I do-barter if you know
                     what I mean---thanks Tito!!! 


                                    A couple of days later we had to cut down this
                                    tree in front of my driveway.

                              This is the stump that's left of the tree it took
                              2 wks to cut the trunks & branches &
                              haul them to the dump

                         That's all for now I'll post again in a couple of days

                              WAX ON ...................WAX OFF

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