Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another heat wave

Well we're in for another heat wave  102 with the humidity it'll  feel
like 107.  make sure your trees get watered. The sun will scorch
 your trees & pots. If your trees are in dark colored pots or
 nursery containers they can get well above the 100 degree
 temperatures  and cook the roots.
 Ideally you should have your trees situated some where they can
get sun until about 12:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon then get full
shade the rest of the day.


   I also use Styrofoam boxes to keep my pre-bonsai in because
they stay cooler in summer 

     Hey, I thought if it works for beer & cokes
     why not bonsai trees?

    It also works in winter time the boxes keep
    the trees warmer

                   This is my pomegranate bed

                          I've already trimmed it once this year

         This is the 2nd. trimming this yr.I'll have to trim it again,
         probably in Oct.

       All this trimming comes with a price all those scratches
       are from the thorns on the pomegranate tree.

         Casey & his wife Mindy stopped by my
         shop and bought two bonsai,they're
         baseball fans from Oklahoma.
          See you in Sept.   

           Also Mr. Nguyen from Dallas & his brother
           or cousin from Oklahoma came by an bought a
           Forrest planting . They both have nice collections
           of Bonsai bought mostly from my shop
                          thanks guys.

                                       That's all for now

                           WAX ON ....................WAX OFF


  1. Thanks Ray! I learn a lot from your bonsai lesson

    1. Hi PD happy to hear from you. Your Bonsai collection looks great. Keep up the good work!!!