Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gathering moss

        The other day I had a customer ask me where I got the
moss to put on my Bonsai. Well when I go hunting trees to
dig up I also take note of any good moss to collect & when
I need some I go back & collect it :

                        I usually find it along the banks of creek beds
                        growing under some bushes or trees but it gets
                        some sunshine
                      or its out in full sunshine for part of the day

                        This is typical terrain for most of the creek beds in the area 

                        This is one of two cork bark pines I recently acquired

                        and this is the second I will post on their progress later

                        These are my cherry plum trees

                         They are producing edible fruit but I have to fight the
                         birds for them

                          and this is my Shaggy  Dog ficus its producing
                          decorative figs for the first time

                         Its taken five years to produce fruit

                         Sadly the tree that was presented to George & Laura
                         Bush was returned to me. They travel a lot &  they
                         forgot to have someone water it.  

                        It still has some life new leaves are coming in,we are
                        hopeful it will survive, will post on its progress.

        That's all for now will post again soon

                                                   WAX ON ......................WAX OFF


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