Monday, May 20, 2013

The Rise . Salon De Souffle

  Recently Hedda Dowd  (owner of  The Rise located at 5360 W.Lover's Lane
Dallas, Tex. ) came to my shop to purchase a Bonsai. After picking out a pot
she chose a zelkova tree & I fixed it up real nice. "You know where this tree is
going don't you?" I said no,I don't. She said I'm giving this to Bush. I said the
only Bush I know of is ex-president Bush. That's right I'm giving this to George
& Laura to commemorate  the birth of their granddaughter.
  I was stunned an ex-president & his wife were getting one of my trees !!
I didn't even get a picture of it. On top of that she also picked out one of 
my maples for her business, now when you enter her Bistro the first thing you 
see is my (whoops HER) tree!!!!     

   The Rise is a four star restaurant with a laid back atmosphere where all the in 
people go for brunch it opens at 11:00 a.m. Their souffles are to die for!!!! My
wife & I went to deliver the maple & we stayed to eat . It was so Delicious!!!
A couple weeks later we took my daughter Linda to celebrate her birthday 
                           My wife & daughter

              My daughter & me and our souffles I'm going to work my       
 way thru their list of souffles

                         I'm behind on my trimming,shaping, & styling on my
Japanese maples. 

                                  That's just on my Japanese maples not to mention
          my Trident maples

                               This is my Brazilian Rain tree I've been cutting on it

                                   These are cuttings I've made so far from the
      Brazilian rain tree

                                      This is Eric who came by to visit

                                   This is yours truly,  Eric said if I have to take a 
                       picture you do too !!

                                         That's all for now      WAX ON ........WAX OFF


  1. I just recently bought a bonsai tree from you in Fort Worth, and I'm so excited to follow your blog! Your trees are so beautiful, and I fully intend on visiting your shop whenever I visit Dallas again! I hope I'm able to keep my little Fukein Tea Tree alive and hopefully plant new bonsais with the seeds it bears!

  2. Thank you Priscilla just make sure you water it when it needs it. Also it will need time to adjust to its new home some of its leaves may turn yellow & fall off don't worry new leaves will come in to replace them. Again thanks, Ray

  3. Hello, Ray! I've come back again because I have a question to ask! I noticed there was some sap on my tree, and after some investigation realized that my Fukien Tea Tree has a scale insect infestation! I picked off as many insects as I could see and will keep an eye on the plant to take off any others that appear. However, I was wondering what else I could do to control this infestation? I heard that some people spray with diluted oil sprays. Is this the way I should go, as well? Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Priscilla, as to your question there is some summer oils you can use be sure to check the label for summer use.The other product that I use is " scale away " made by Green light you can find it at Walmart you just spray it on your tree follow directions. If you have other questions feel free to call me at 469-648-8202, thanks, Ray.