Tuesday, August 6, 2013

C. Vazquez

         Per your request here are some of my Bonsai trees
that are for sale:

These are Junipers

$20.00 each

This is a nerofolia   $20.00

This is Chinese Elm  $30.00

This is a Bougainvillea $35.00

This is a Twisted Pomegranate $75.00

This is a Schefflera forest  $80.00

This is a  large juniper $250.00

  I have many more but I don't know what
price range your looking for call me.
        Thanks, Ray.


  1. Ray, just wanted to pass on my thanks for sharing your insights and experience with my son Tyler and I. What a great afternoon. For those who find their way to your Blog. If you are looking for Bonsai Bent Tree is the place to go a great man with and Artists Heart. Thanks Ray.

    Mike & Tyler Rosales

    1. I'm always willing to help & share experiences with my friends. I love to talk about Bonsai,If you have a question about Bonsai and I don't know the answer I'll try to find it for you. Thanks Mike.

  2. I would personally recommend Ray for all of your Bonsai needs.. I am driving 5 hours to have Ray prune my Trident Maple Forrest.. After talking with Ray sharing stories and having him share some of his knowledge I will never let anyone else touch my trees!! Thanks Ray and we will see you at the end of Sept!!

    1. Thanks Casey I, appreciate that your making the long drive here. Also I really
      appreciate the vote of confidence you have in me, am looking forward to the end of Sept, Thank you, Ray