Monday, May 13, 2013

The month of April slipped by me

   The month of April went by so fast. I was busy with family
matters & bonsai stuff,all mixed up together!!!
    Then May happened ...any way ..Here's what happened :

                                             The first Sat. of April I did a program for
                                          Dallas Bonsai Society where I styled a
                                           Elaeagnus   silverberry 

                                             After changing it from the nursery pot into
                                          a Styrofoam box it was raffeled off --the
                                          winner was Steve Flynn!!!

                                               Russ & his wife came from out of town &
                                            they bought a tray of maples

                                                             Dustin & robin also came from
                                                         out of town they bought several

                                       Every thing started blooming this is a pear tree

                                            This is a honeysuckel

                                               Wisteria always smells good

                                            Different colors of Bougainvillea


                                               Calamondin Orange

                                             Assorted Azaleas

                                              An other Pomegranate

                                               My # 1 side kick posing in front of a
                                             blooming peach tree.

                            That's all for now I'll post some thing before this
                                       week end, I promise!!!

                                     WAX ON  ....................WAX OFF

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