Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Holidays

             Hope you all enjoyed a Merry Christmas & are looking forward to a Happy New Year!!!!
Don't know why the Mayan calendar ended on Dec. 21st 2012 but I'm glad we're still here.
             The weather has been all over the place lately, 60 degrees one day, freezing the next day!
We had a light snow fall on xmas day but I think were finally into winter mode.


I've been busy with several projects; not to mention taking
down all the shade cloth & removing all the boards & storing
them for the winter. I neglected to print some pictures
that I said I would so, here they are some what belated.

A customer picked this Bonsai & said he want me to repot it
and plant on a rock.


So here it is a rock planting ...... ................      he seemed quite pleased with it


An other client Curtis took a one on one class and then helped me to repot this Juniper.
           The over grown foliage on this Juniper was typical of a group of ten Junipers
that I had to repot, trim,wire & style ; later on.

These are some of the ten Junipers in various stages of repotting 


 These are some of the junipers after repotting ,trimming,wiring and styling  and  of course my #1
side kick "Bela" supervising.

                 That's all for now....... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

                          Wax on....................Wax off


  1. The bonsai trees take years to grow but when fully grown looks amazing. You have done great work. Nice & Cheers!

    1. Hi Smike the trees do take years to grow that's the hard part but I enjoy it, the fun part is the styling. Every tree is different you have to find it's uniqueness & bring it out that's my passion.