Thursday, November 22, 2012

cold weather just around the corner

       Except for a couple of freezing nights in the last 2 or 3 weeks, we have had unseasonably warm
weather. Cold weather is coming but I've had enough time to take my shade cloth down. Take my
benches down & put all my trees on the ground. I put all my tropicals in the green house so I
should be ready for winter.
       Well I still have to spray for scale / mites / mold / fungus & also use a dormant spray to kill any
 eggs that may over winter and hatch out in spring.
       Fall & winter is the time to check your trees for branch structure. It's much easier to see any
defects with out leaves in the way . You can prune and wire deciduous trees as well as evergreens,
like junipers & pines when the sap is not running.  Pine maintenance is a whole other story which I'll
cover another time but Fall is the time to pull needles on your black pine.
        After this is done or when it's raining or too cold to work outside you can work inside your
green house. Pruning / styling /spraying for mold /fungus / bugs  ect. ect. you get the message,
work is never done.
        Don't get me wrong I love doing this as do others when you get results like these:

          The following trees belong to one of my clients,some of the trees were sold to him
       by me some years ago. He brought them to me to repot/prune/& put lime sulfur on the gin.

                                                Cascade Back Pine                

                                                 Variegated  Juniper

                                                     Bald Cypress

                                               Calamondin Orange 




                                                   San Jose Juniper with lots of jin


                                               Green Mound Juniper

                                               Cascade Green Mound Juniper

                                                  Cascade Green Mound Juniper

                                                     Trident Maple

                                                  Cascade Green Mound Juniper

            Remember when it gets cold to protect your out side Bonsai trees. Keep the roots
from freezing put them on the ground & mulch around them & keep them out of the wind.
check them for water the cold wind can dry them out just as fast as a hot summer day!

          That's all for now
                                                   WAX ON.............WAX OFF


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