Friday, November 25, 2011

Old Tree Trunk

We don't usually dig up tree trunks this big, but since this trunk was
going to die in a couple of years if we didn't dig it up now. It was growing on the
edge of an over hang to the creek bed. The roots were hanging down in the air.
It is a magnificent old trunk that is broken in half & has been
naturally weathered for years.

There are two branches that we cut off & we
had to do some hard pruning to the root system
which didn't have very many roots

The trunk is hollowed out all the way to the
bottom & has a nice twisting motion

This one side of tree & you can see the bark
is really old. When we spotted this tree it was
in leaf, we thought it's a shame this tree will
die soon.

This is the other side, after two or three
weeks we decided to try to save it & dig it up
any way.

It doesn't have many roots but maybe
it'll grow some over the winter & it will
sprout new buds that will leaf out in the
spring....keeping our fingers crossed.

That's all for now, Wax on ......Wax off

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