Friday, November 18, 2011

Dig on local creek bed

Jacob & I went to a local creek on a scouting trip & found several trees.
As you can see it is a very scenic creek

This is another section of the same creek

we were able to find some trees close together

This is another angle of the same tree
showing the curves & dead wood

This is an ash tree that has had it's trunk
broken at one time

A close up of the trunk showing
where a new leader has grown

Jacob digging up a privet

All these trees are growing out of hard cliche
rock which makes them very hard to dig
this is where the privet was dug out

we are back home preparing to pot up the privet
some of the branches were shorten while the tree
was being dug

contemplating which of the remaining branches
have to be cut in the initial styling of the tree

The tree is pruned and wired after being
potted up. The hope is the bottom branches
will fatten up then more pruning.... provided
the tree survives.

That's all for now I'll post pictures of the rest of the trees & the next dig soon.

Wax on..................................Wax off

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