Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eastern red cedar dig

This is the creek bed where this eastern red cedar
was dug from, sorry some of the pictures are
out of focus


the banks along these creek beds are lined with magnificent
old trees like this oak

the trees along the banks are very picturesque with their fall colors

 I found this Eastern red cedar growing at the base of an old oak.
the oak or some other tree had fallen on the cedar & broken
the upper part ; it was bent over but still attached & growing.

     I honestly don't know how this tree survived not only was it
growing in the shade of this oak but it was trapped in the roots
that were slowly squeezing it & on top of that it was growing
on top of solid rock.

After cutting some oak roots I started to remove the rock from the top
& then from around the bottom of the tree . Then I had to dig from the
other side.

Finally I was able to free the tree from the oak & from the rocks
surrounding it, all in all it took me about 3 hours to dig it out

  By the time I was finished it was dark & started to rain. this is what the site
looked like after the tree was dug out. In the bucket were my saw,hammer,
chisel, pry bar & assorted other tools,by the way no shovel it would have
been useless. 

  This is the tree getting a good soaking in the creek before being
bagged up for the trip home.

  This a picture of the root ball before being pruned

    After being pruned and potted up I used a board to prop up
the upper part of the tree and I was finished cause I was tired
& it was still raining.

   The next morning I used a piece of re bar to replace the board

& hold the tree upright. I also wired one of the branches &
wired the trunk in place

   So this is it's new home hopefully it will survive the winter
and keep on growing .  I will post on it's progress later.

  That's all for now             Wax  on .................Wax off

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