Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update on elm tree dug up in Feb.2010

After the snow & cold , we have had some warm weather.
So I decided to fire up my sprinkler system. Only to find out that two of my
pumps were broken & a number of my lines were broken by the cold.

The sprinkler works fine after
replacing the two pumps & repairing
the broken lines.

Last Feb.2010 we dug out this old

It wasn't easy ....we had to dig it out of the side of a cliff.

We got it home & cut off some dead branches.

Here it is a year later after some
severe pruning.

I put some wound sealer on the major cuts. Will see how it responds
later this summer.

This is a crepe myrtle that had twin trunks
both over 12 feet. One was cut off when it was dug up last year.

The remaining trunk was cut off
last Sept.2010.
We are cutting it to about 1 foot
in height Feb. 2011.

We will report back on it's progress later this summer.

Wax on .....Wax off

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