Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb. snow fall 2011

The first week of Feb. brought the Dallas & Ft.Worth area to a virtual standstill with
snow & record temperatures.

With snow and Icy conditions traffic was treacherous & then on top of that we had rolling

It's hard to believe that a week earlier
we had near 70 degrees temperatures
while digging for ash junipers.

Here we are a week later with
"Bella" my #1 side kick preparing
to venture out into her 1st.snow fall.

Here's Bella & her mom
"you have to keep your scarf on"

Here dog try some snow.

Hey it's kind of cold but pretty good.

A blanket of snow!

Every thing is covered

It got to 10 degrees last night, but
it was 68 inside.

This is Kaylee aka the "worm" my #2 side kick.
She says "You can go outside all you
want , I'm staying inside where it's

Wax on ........Wax off

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