Monday, February 21, 2011

Dig on Thursday Feb.17 2011

Since my good friend Gabe is off on Thursdays I scheduled a dig at a near by creek bed. On an earlier excursion with an other friend (Jacob) we had spotted a couple of trees on the same creek bed.

Three of the trees were on the edge of a cliff about 15 feet above the creek bed.
In front was an eastern red cedar
directly behind it was an ash tree & to the right was an other ash.

All three trees were fairly tall & had to be cut cut down to size.

Here's Gabe with his ash tree

We had to cut the tap root off.

Gabe digging up some kind of holly.

Close up on the trunk of the holly
after it was potted up.

Gabe and his two trees

I still had to cut off the rest of the tap root on my eastern red cedar.

The root ball had to be pruned
in order to fit the container.

All potted up & ready to go!

so is Jacob's little ash.

Will report on their progress later.

This is interesting nebari on an old
eastern red cedar by the creek bed.

Wax on .........Wax off

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