Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ash Juniper in Glen Rose,Tx.

Collected Ash juniper from dig on the 29th of Jan.

Ft.Worth & Dallas Bonsai societies held a joint dig on Sat. 29th of Dec. in Glen Rose.
I would like to thank our hosts Mel & Jim for allowing us to dig on their property for the past several years. Again thank you for being gracious hosts & gentlemen.

Ash Juniper #1

This is the smallest tree that Jacob
& I dug. We dug it because it has the
typical Ash juniper spirit to survive in
the harsh elements of the wild.

Every tree has a story to tell about
it's past. The past is what shaped this
tree,what trials & tribulations has it endured?
Was it browsed by a deer or some other critter,blown by wind,cold snow,
or suffered through a drought? Well this is Texas I'd say all of the above.

The live vein on the back side is
whats keeping this tree alive.
I hope it survives the transplant
into this box.

Ash Juniper #2

We dug this tree because the top
has been broken off & the foliage
is close to the trunk to form a new apex.

This picture shows a rugged
trunk with lots of gin.

This shows where the top is broken off & the
foliage is where it can be used for a new apex.

Ash Juniper #3

This tree was dug for it's trunk. It has a lot
dead wood & gin.

The trunk has a good curve
and lot of movement.

This would be candidate for a literati style
or maybe in the future we could induce some
lower branching.

Ash Juniper #4

This tree has an unusual &
interesting form.

It will be fun & a challenge to see
what we can make of this tree.

Ash Juniper #5

I'm hoping we can keep the live vein
alive along the back of the tree.
There is a lot of dead wood & gin that's magnificent,all natural.

The other side of the tree,you can
barley see the live vein.

This is the back side of the tree & you can see the vein.

Ash Juniper #6

On this tree you can see how the foliage changes by looking at different views. Here it looks fairly full.

From this angle you can see the gin on the trunk & the foliage looks sparse.

From this view you can see the sweep of the trunk & again the foliage looks sparse.

Ash Juniper #7

You can readily see that the trunk has been split in half.

The result is one side is dead wood naturally bleached by the sun.

The trunk has a nice curve & you can see the live vein in the back.

Ash Juniper #8

This tree has alot of movement in the trunk.

On one side it curves to the right.

On the other side it curves to the left.

On the back side it curves to the right at a different's good to have choices!

Ash Juniper #9

Last but not least a ribbon of
dead wood almost to the top & it curves to the left.

Then it splits into a v hmmm again choices!!!

Lots of foliage, oh well I'll think of something. I have my work cutout for me. I'll post on these trees later as they progress.

Wax on ..............Wax off

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