Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jeremy pics of ficus Religiosa

                    Jeremy here are the pics:.

close up of the trunks

Left to right #1)  $45.00   #2) $75.00  #3) $75.00 #4) $75.00

full view of the trees

#1) This is the original tree that all the cutting were made from.
$ 150.00
#2) $50.00 #3) I don't know what happen here maybe I
put the cutting in upside down but it still rooted.

                        full view

                                         $ 1575.00

                                         $ 2400.00

I don't know if it was you that asked about my crepe myrtles or
some one else but here some : crepe myrtle Forrest 

                                           $ 300.00

  A single crepe myrtle

This is what it look like last summer:

                                            $ 350.00

                           That's all for now

                            WAX ON..........................WAX OFF


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