Monday, March 23, 2015

Chris per your request

           Chris these are the pics. of the ficus I have on hand:

        click on the picture to see a larger image

This is a banyan ficus it used to be 5 trunks
fused together but I cut one out.

this is the top of the tree

This is a nerofolia

It needs trimming

this is what it looked like last summer

mixed assortment of ficus

 Ficus religiosa this tree used to be 8 ft. tall
I cut leaves in half to make them smaller
(leaf reduction)

An other Banyan ficus single trunk

This is a tiger bark ficus

Green island ficus

Benjamin ficus

Tiger bark ficus

Ficus nerofolia this is a cutting from the large
nerofolia,all the nerofolia that I have came
form that large one

Nerofolia cutting

Nerofolia cutting

Tiger bark ficus

Tiger bark ficus

  These are cuttings from the 8 ft.
ficus religiousa

two tiger bark ficus

   Sorry for the delay.

                                                                WAX ON  ........................WAX OFF


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