Monday, May 12, 2014

Sorry I haven't posted any thing for last month

          I have been extremely busy not only with Bonsai but other issues involving my banking /my computer/  other matters with my Bonsai business & so on /& so on get the idea !!!
         Any way I promise I will post pictures of some of my customers from last month , in the next couple
of days on my next post.
         As you well know March & April were up & down weather wise I was not able to get my tropicals
out of the greenhouse because of the threat of late freezes!!! So I am still trying to catch up on getting
completely set up. You know I've got my shade cloth up/ set my benches up / trying to clean up weeds/
keep up with fertilization & spraying for bugs/ trimming & styling trees / making cuttings/ re-potting  it never


                             This is a crepe myrtle with a large mass of roots
                              I had to shave off the bottom of the rot ball

                                                   After I re-potted & wired it

                                           This is while it was in the greenhouse

                                         This was a couple of days ago

                                          This is after trimming

                                        Brazilian rain tree with long branches

                                        Partially trimmed 

                                        After trimming , most of the branches
                                        were used for making cuttings

                                         Winged cedar elm in a plastic tray

                           same cedar elm in bonsai pot,  needs trimming 

                                         As you can see I've got my work cut
                                         out for me I'll be busy for quite awhile

      That's all for now check back in 3 to 4 days & I'll post again

                          WAX ON ......................WAX OFF

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