Thursday, March 6, 2014

Well we are still on this up & down weather ride

    I've managed to go out & do some collecting from local
creek beds & also do some work on trees that were
collected in yrs. past. On top of that I've had to take care
of customers from near & far.

 This is Brandon & Ashley & their son. Ashley I'm
sorry I didn't see that branch when I took the
picture. They were visiting some one in Irving
but they were moving to Chicago,I hope
every thing went well. Good luck!!!

     This is Blake & Michelle, Blake works at Baylor Hospital
He wants to learn about Bonsai so I'm going to help him.

      This is a crepe myrtle that I collected 3 or 4 yrs ago.
I potted it in a large Styrofoam box & now I want to
put it in a training pot. 

         It had a massive root structure but I had to level
out the bottom of the trunk so it will fit into a shallow
pot in the future. I put a heavy coating of lac balsam
on the bottom & I'll put another coating on when its
time to repot again.

     This is a tool I bought recently from arbotech it
really cuts the time it takes to make a cut. I shaved
the trunk down in about 3 minutes.

            The crepe myrtle in it's new training pot
it will remain in this pot for 1 to 2 yrs. then it
will go into a shallow bonsai pot.

       This is a winged cedar elm I collected about 3 yrs.
ago.I used the same tool to shave off the top of the

        This will be the front of the tree with it's
new apex. In the future we will develop
more branches.

       I finally managed to transplant the clump of
trident maples (that I got at the Dallas auction)
now they will grow a lot faster & fuse to make
a large trunk.  

                  This is Gabe standing in typical terrain
where we hunt trees along the banks of creek

          Gabe has located an oak on the side of a
cliff notice the creek below one false move &
he's going to get wet, I think that's why he's
holding on to the trunk.

        Back home we pot the oak in a large

         Since we didn't get many roots we decided
to cut back to the trunk & see if it will put out
any new buds, we'll have to wait & see.

        That's all for now

                                           WAX ON.............................WAX OFF 


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