Tuesday, December 24, 2013


                           MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL
                         Remember Christmas isn't about the presents
                              it's about the presence of Christ

   I'm sorry I haven't posted for the last month.I had to hurry
& get my benches down/my shade cloth down(thanks Jacob
for the help) & get my trees into the green house before that
winter blast hit!!!! Actually I was preparing for an upcoming
surgery on my foot last month.


           The doctor told me to stay off the foot for three
or four weeks & I had to wear a protective boot.

              So before the operation I put my tropical' s in the
green house

                 I put the rest of the trees down on the ground

                      My trident maple showing fall colors

                     Then ole man winter threw us for a loop

                  Coldest temperatures we had in Dallas in
several years day after day

               But so far so good it looks like the trees came
through it alright.
               It was hard being cooped up in the house
and to top it off my computer went on the fritz and
I didn't have it fixed until this Sunday night

             Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

WAX ON.........................WAX OFF

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