Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weather change just around the corner

The weather will turn cold pretty soon are you ready?
I've already got my tropical s in the green house.
Just to catch you up  the Dallas Society Auction was
a huge success. A lot of excellent trees & pots were
auctioned off!!!

                              This is a trident maple that I won at
                              the auction

                                It is made up of many seedlings that
                                are bundled together. In time they
                                will fuse together to form a single

                               I will plant this in the ground to speed
                               up the progression. I will post on it in
                               the future 

                               Much like the above tree I have
                               bundled five ficus trees together
                               so that they will fuse into one
                               trunk. I will also post on it's
                               progress later.

                                 I sold this fukien tea tree but
                                 the customer didn't like the

                                So I put it into this pot which he
                                 did like, we aim to please!!!

                               I'm sorry I forgot Giovanni's wife's name
                               but they came & also bought a tree but
                               wanted a different pot , customer is
                               always right!!!

                                These are assorted pieces of driftwood
                                that I'm preparing to make Phoenix 
                                graphs from with Shimpaku juniper

   I'll post on the graphs later that's all for now

              WAX ON ...................WAX OFF

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