Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012 !!!

Now is the time to go on a dig. If you have a relative,a friend or some one that owns property
and will allow you to dig trees, then you are lucky!
From December to early April is the prime time to dig trees. I have taken advantage of
the weather's cool days & cold nights to go tree hunting.

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This is a white honey suckle it is buried in very
rocky shale.

I dug it up & planted in my bonsai mix

I did some minor pruning, it doesn't have many
roots but if it survives this spring I'll do some
styling & more pruning.

I found this tree in a field that had been
bulldozed. It was barley hanging on with
just a few roots. I took pity on it & dug it
up. It didn't have any foliage on it.

To my amazement 10 days later after potting
it up it started to sprout foliage all over. I don't
know what it is yet but when I identify I'll get
back to you.

This is Rich he & his girl friend came to my
shop & wanted to buy his girl friend a bonsai.
When he called I wasn't at my shop, later I
explained I was on a dig. He expressed an
interest so I invited him on my next dig.
This is one of two trees he dug up.

I showed him how to pot the tree up,it had
some long roots that required a large container.
This is the result after some minor pruning,
way to go Rich!! With some more work it
should turn out to be a respectable bonsai
in 2 to 3 years.

That's all for now I'll be posting some more trees in a couple of days.

Wax on ..........Wax off

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