Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I hope everybody has a happy Christmas...count your blessings everyone has them:
your family/health/friends/your trees ..LOL!

click on the pictures to enlarge

The following are shots that I've neglected to post earlier this year:

James is holding the Chinese
elm if you look closely it's
already been cut.

this is the same tree
about a week later
notice the buds
peeking out

this is the same tree
now in the green house

Adrian brought this
pine he wanted

It was bushy and
wild looking

we wired & cut
cut some branches

It still has too
many branches
but not bad for a first

this is an ash tree
before it was dug

this is the same
tree in the lower
right hand corner
along with some
other collected

this is mondo grass which has white flowers & some times

the flowers are followed by these blue colored berries

Finally I want to thank the customers & friends who came to my shop
and a special thank you from me for the help from the Bonsai Bitches
they know who they are.... again thank you!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS

WAX ON ...................WAX OFF

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