Monday, May 16, 2011

Watering system for pine bed

I had to show you this, last Easter Sunday
my #1 side kick"Bella"had her first encounter
with the Easter bunny. He was ok from afar
but when he came closer "Nana get him away
from me"!!!

After laying pvc pipe & adding some risers with

We had a watering system going! Sure beats
the heck out of watering by hand not to
mention saving time.
Now maybe we have time to weed out the

Next we had to put a fence around the bed
to keep the dogs out of it. My #1 side kick sits
inside the fence.

Of course I was informed I had to share
some space for "nana's" vegetable garden.

My miniature wild plums had flowered
and fruited.

They make great bonsai but it's hard to
keep the fruit from getting eaten by the birds

This bonsai is a Japanese plum and is about
20 yrs.old .

In this picture you can see the fruit.It's almost

Hope the birds don't get to it before I do.

Wax on ....................Wax off

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