Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pine & Shimpaku growing bed

In an earlier post I made mention of putting some pines I had acquired into a
growing bed.
So I started to plant the new pines along with some shimpaku's .

The growing bed had to be plowed &
then raked.
The hole was dug then a tile was placed
at the bottom to keep the roots from
growing straight down. This encourages
the roots to grow horizontally.

After the tile is put in place a layer of
lava rock is put on top of the tile for
drainage,then then pine is planted on top
with a layer of soil mixed with compost.

It's time consuming & a lot of hard labor
but worth the effort.

Including the plowing & raking this is about a weeks worth of planting.

This is two weeks later

The bed consists of black ,red & some
white pines.

the pines will remain for several years
and will be pruned & groomed until
they are ready to be dug up.

The last two rows have shimpaku's
planted in the same manner.

some are this years cuttings & tiny
but they are rooted so I'm keeping my
fingers crossed.

Others are are larger but need to grow
more and get thicker trunks.
Will post on their progress as time
goes on.

Wax on ...........Wax off

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  1. I love what you're doing, very inspirational to me, as I'm moving towards high-production of trees i pots/ground for my future similar to what you are doing. I just got my first pine seedlings going this year, and seeing how you have them in the ground using tiles (I do the same for my tridents I'm working on right now) is something I will keep in mind for my pine's near-future.

    Great to see, looking good!