Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sorry I haven't been posting to the blog . I been having some
problems with my computer and my camera also, but hopefully that's behind me now.

Earlier this month Gabriel Soto came by my shop and expressed an interest in
learning about bonsai & he said he would be willing to help out around the nursery in
exchange. There's always work around the nursery & I have several helpers who come
by to work and learn about bonsai & form good friendships.

Here's Gabe repotting a bougainvillea he's already
prepared a pot to put it in. He's using a root rake to spread
out the roots.

After putting a layer of drainage & bonsai soil he's in the process of wiring the tree into the pot with with a pair of pliers.

He then works the rest of the bonsai soil into the roots & fills the rest of the pot.

After he finishes the re-potting Gabe thinks about
how he's going to trim & shape the tree.

Once he makes up his mind he methodically
cuts away.

How's that? he says as he stands by his finished
product. A job well done I say!

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