Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another recuit and good friend is Randy Harris, he comes by to help out
when ever he can.

He picked up a bonsai for his father
as a gift so they'll have something to do together.

Here Randy is working on a privet

This is a Texas Ebony that I planted from seed
five years ago & it is just now blooming.

Here is a closer look at the blooms.

Randy on an other day holding an a trident

Randy working on my Brazillian rain tree

Luis is an enthusiastic learner and soaks
up bonsai. Here he's potting up a kingsville

Luis is a college student in California
he leaves in two weeks but he says he'll be
back next summer. We wish him well! He's
taking his bonsai collection with him, can't
wait to see it next year.

Gabe & myself are helping Se saw
a large cutting that I planted five years ago.

Guess we'll have to wait to see what he has in store
for it???

Well that's all for now... as always "wax on wax off"

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