Monday, September 28, 2009

Excerpt from Dallas bonsai society newsletter

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This an excerpt from the Dallas Bonsai society newsletter
published in September 2009.
The tree is a twisted pomegranate which received preliminary styling ,wiring ,root pruning & was potted in a chinese pot,using
lava rock mix , compost & worm castings.
This twisted pomegranate belongs to the Dallas bonsai society
and is destined to be raffled off in the Dallas bonsai society convention. Updates will be posted on its progress.

The following is an other article from the September Dallas Bonsai Society newsletter featuring Lone Star Bonsai Federation visiting artist Roberto Martinez Acosta. Roberto hails from Puerto Rico and is here to do a demonstration on a ficus subulata (nerifolia)

Update September

This is the ficus subulata (nerifolia) that was styled by Roberto Martinez at the Dallas club August.
Diane Lowe, Dallas club member is working on her own twisted pomegranate.She has a couple of air layers going and is in the process of wiring.

While visiting Bent Tree Bonsai, Diane graciously agreed to wire Dallas club's twisted pomegranate that was demo'd in August.

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