Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new green house

My old green house was pretty much torn up by fall storms this year & I decided not to rebuilt it at this time instead I built a new green house.

I started with cinder blocks for the walls & 2"steel pipes for reinforcement for the walls and center posts. Then I used 2x4's for the trusses to hold up the fiberglass panels for the roof. Dirt was used to fill up the holes in the cinder blocks & to help with the insulation. The floor was cleaned up and a weed barrier installed . water was installed & also electricity was run to the green house.

Here is the almost completed green house.

The outside cinder blocks are covered for added insulation. A front door has been added and bricks have been laid on top of the weed barrier & new benches for the trees were installed.
All that remains to be done is lighting & sprinkler system installed ;along with a propane furnace for heating. At the time heat is being provided by electrical heaters,just in time for the first freeze of the year.

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