Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jason : Ficus Bonsai

              Jason recently bought a ficus from me & he asked for written description on how
to care for it, here it is  :
              Ficus bonsai are suited for indoor bonsai.
They can be kept indoors all year long. They can
also be kept out doors except for when the
temperature falls below 50 degrees. Then they must
be brought back indoors.

              Ficus bonsai can be grown indoors in direct
or indirect sunlight. Morning sun is best if you can keep
your bonsai in sunlight from 8 am. to 12 noon it will be
sufficient. If not you can use a supplemental  lighting
source such as a grow lamp.

               Feel the soil every day by sticking your finger
about an inch deep into the soil. If it feels dry then water
your bonsai. If it feels damp or wet then don't water ,
wait until it feels dry then water it.
                Do not let your bonsai go totally dry for
extended periods.
                 You can water by setting your bonsai in a
sink or container with water up to the lip of your pot
for about 10 min. then allow it to drain out.

                   I feed my bonsai with osmocoat. These
pellets can last for up 3 to 4 months. I use a liquid
fertilizer once a month.   I also use worm castings
in my soil as a natural fertilizer.


                   Ficus can be re-potted  about every 2 to 3
years. You can re-pot in the spring but I prefer to re-pot
in the heat of the summer May thru June.
                   I trim the root ball & the foliage also about the
same amount. Replace the soil, then water & set the bonsai
in a shady location for about 2 weeks

                   Can be done any time of the year if your bonsai
is healthy. Remember to remove anything growing straight
up or straight down. Trim your branch structure & trim
your foliage pads.

               Good luck!!!!

                  My camera is still broke guess I'll have to
buy a new one !!!    I'll post some pictures then.

  That's all for now.

                        WAX ON ...............WAX OFF

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