Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finally some decent weather

  We actually get a week or more of some decent weather before our next cold front
and it'll in the 50's, at least it won't be freezing.
   I found some new places to go on a dig and one of them will be held on this next
Saturday on the 22nd. Both the Dallas & Ft Worth clubs are invited. It's on a creek
bed with lots of trees--happy hunting!!

   Most newbies on digs don't know the right way to dig up a tree so here's a lesson
on how to dig a tree:

     First you dig a trench around the tree   

      Then you dig an other trench on one side

       this is trench is dug deeper than the first trench
which allows you to access the tap root

  then you can use a saw to start cutting the tap root

  you may need to tilt the tree to one side or
 the other to make sure you get all the roots

    then you can lift it out trim the roots & pot it up in
   some bonsai soil with some root stimulator &
    fertilizer & your done

 Here's Jacob & me on a recent outing

      This is where we dug the tree from      
      the bank of the creek

     This is Jeremy & Randy on a different outing

               Digging trees out of rock
               is hard work

              This is all for now I'll post again after Saturday's dig.

          WAX ON..........................WAX OFF


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