Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crazy weather pattern

          Freezing for 3 or 4 days then warming up to the 70's for 2 or 3 days then
back to freezing again it's driving me crazy!!!! Hope your keeping your trees
protected & that they'll survive this crazy weather.
           Mr. Walsh the tree you selected was delivered to Mr.Joe Lucas's home &
your check arrived in the mail today, thank you.

           Casey the forrest planting your asking about is a ficus


                              Mr. Nguyen's  forrest is a regular ficus

               The forrest you bought for your wife Mindy is a
Tiger bark ficus a different variety of ficus. I will need to
fix a bunch of forrest plantings of different of types of
trees, I'm almost sold out. They will be ready in the spring.        

                   Owen Reich I'm sorry I took so long  but here are
the pictures you asked for:                
 The winged cedar elm

American elm

 American elm

 Chinese elm

 White honeysuckle

 This all for now I'll send you some more pictures on my next post.

                  WAX ON ..............WAX OFF

1 comment:

  1. Ray,

    That is spot on!! How that set up is arranged is exactly what I would be looking for.. The height of the ficus in that planting is perfect..

    I have 4 ficus plants that have been inside all winter including the tiger bark that I got from you, he shed all of his leaves and I thought he was going down hill but with a little TLC it is back and going strong. Four of the Five trees in the planting have had leaves come back and one is starting to bud.

    The weather here is exactly like you have said it has been in Dallas. I have found I have had to put a little space heater in the room with all of my tropical trees to keep them warm, even put a humidifier in there and boy they took off.. They really do love that humidity..