Friday, September 20, 2013

yea rain today & yesterday summer is almost over

        Summer is almost over but not yet ...we still have a few more hot days left!!!
Fall is just around the corner and trees will start displaying their fall colors.
         The Texas traveling artist for this year is Cheryl Manning and she was in
Ft.Worth on the 14th of this month. She did a presentation on a green mound juniper.

                                   She explained how you have to
                               fine the tree under all the foliage

                                        Here she starts to cut away

                                    Scott helped he worked on top
                               of the tree while Cheryl worked
                                the bottom

                                 After she carved and styled the
                               tree she told about the after care 

           Cheryl also gave a presentation for the Dallas bonsai society
the next day but I wasn't able to attend that meeting.

            The Dallas club auction will be held Sat. Oct. 5th
9:00 a.m. to 12:00  noon at North Haven Gardens.    
           Don't miss this event, see you there!!!!!

                That's all for now....    WAX ON .......WAX OFF

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