Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pot shed

Sunday, September 16, 2012

pot shed

This my office or what I like to referr to as my pot shed. It's where most of my Bonsai supplies are kept.
I recently had to repaint and do some rearranging so this is what it looks like now:

                                                                 Small pots

                                                          Cascade  Pots

                                                White and Ivory colored pots

                                                  Medium sized pots

                                             Lager sized pots on the left

                                          Assorted sized pots

                                          Some more assorted pots

                                            Buda's , Dragons and other figurines

                                                Bonsai tools and tool bags

                                                     Some more figurine's, rocks and fertilizer

                                                  Viewing stones, pictures and Bonsai tables

                                                    and some more Bonsai tables

      That's all for now        Wax on.....................Wax off

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