Monday, May 14, 2012

Dallas State Bonsai Convention 2012

     I would have posted this earlier but when you have a # 1 side kick who is 3 yrs. old.
Isabella has a knack for hiding shiny objects she likes.She hid my took me a
while to find it but better late than never!!!

The following pictures is the layout
of the vendor room before opening

One of the vendors making last
minute preparations

Yours truly just as we opened

My wife with breakfast !!!!

Vendors & customers busy busy

My wife explaining the care of a
tree to a customer

All the vendors had good traffic

During slack time I had time to
discuss trees with another vendor

One of the guest artist Ryan Neil
working on a juniper

while we watched he answered
questions as he pruned & wired

This evening after dinner the auction

was held where trees were bid on
to the highest bidder..Howard
Smith shared auctioneer duty with

Mark Bynum from the Ft.Worth
club. Many trees were auctioned

The biggest money winner was
Ryan Neil's juniper the highest bid
was for $1000.00 this is the
finished tree.

All in all it was a great convention & a good time was had by all
Thanks to the convention staff & the hotel staff for all their help!!!
     I'll post pictures of trees and pots I picked up at the convention in the
next couple of days.

             Wax on ............Wax off

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