Sunday, February 19, 2012

collected Honeysuckle

The past couple weeks I've collected some white honey suckle. One from my
back yard & one from the wild.

This one is on the fence line in my back yard

I dug & cut some of the roots up

Then I covered the shrub back up

Then two weeks later I cut the top off & cut off some more roots

Then I waited a week & dug it up

After trimming & some more root pruning

It was potted up & here's where it will have a chance to recover.
Next year I will make some preliminary cuts & see what develops.

This is another honey suckle collected from the wild
I did not have my camera with me so I can't show where it came

It was dug up from a near by creek bed

The roots the top were trimmed

Then it was potted up it has a very nice trunk
and good nebari.

That's all for now .... I'll post some more on upcoming digs.

Wax on......................Wax off

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