Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dallas annual auction

Heads up every one ...Dallas bonsai society will hold it's annual club auction on Oct. 1st.
At north Haven Gardens from 9:00 a.m. till 12:00's open to the public.
It's a good opportunity to pick up a bonsai and /or bonsai related material so come on out.

Since the weather's been so nice & the trees are coming out of summer dormancy I decided
to do some long awaited maintenance.

The first tree is a san jose juniper
in the white plastic tray.

After cutting the long branch on one
side I pruned & wired it

Now it has time to recover & get ready for winter.

I've done the same to the following trees

Some shaping

Some pruning

Some wiring

This wax leaf ligustrum planted on a rock had to go into a new pot.

It fit into a nice brown oval pot.

Left to right is me then James then Jacob &
the newest member of the Bonsai Bitch's
is Robert.
Were relaxing with a cold one waiting for the

Till next time!

Wax on ..............Wax off

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