Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter watering part 2

Winter watering indoors can be challenging also. If you have a greenhouse try to keep it well sealed so no cold air can seep in.
Check your trees often ,do not let them dry out completely.

In addition to white fiberglass panels on the outside (that permit sunlight in) I have plastic sheeting on the inside that acts as a vapor barrier.
Not only does it trap air between the fiberglass but it traps moisture on the inside. When I water it spills on the bricks underneath the trees & the bricks aborsb the moisture.
When the temperature rises that moisture in the bricks is released into the air & droplets are formed on the plastic.

On sunny days the temperature can get pretty warm . I can open the glass on the door & let the heat out thru the screen and not let in any bugs.
you have to keep a eye out for scale, aphids & fungus ; treat for them accordingly.

My bougainvilleas are still in bloom

My azaleas are also in bloom

Ficus is doing great

Ficus nerofolia is doing good

My Brazilian rain tree doing great , waiting for spring to see if my approach graft will take.

Some more nerofolia enjoying the humidity.

When it's cold outside you can go inside your greenhouse and work on your tropicals.......happy bonsaing!!!

Wax on ......Wax off

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