Monday, October 4, 2010

Dallas Bonsai Auction

Saturday October 4th at Glen Haven Gardens - Dallas Bonsai Society Auction
was held.

Diane Lowe signs in Bill Webber's registration for the auction and gives him a bidders paddle.

Garret checks out bonsai trees to be auctioned off.

Gabe & Se are looking over bonsai pots while Dave waits for them move.

People waiting patiently but seem to be saying "Hey lets get this show on the road!"

Diane,Sylvia & Howard go over last minute details before the start of the auction.

Howard conducting the auction

I was lucky enough to have the wining bid on these mica pots

I also had the wining bid on this serisa foetida

great fun was had by all and hopefully it was a profitable
venture for the Dallas bonsai society.

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