Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sat. a.m. Roy's demo. on a juniper

Dallas Bonsai Society and Ft.Worth Bonsai Society

Saturday morning we're at North Haven Gardens for Roy Nagatoshi's demonstration.
He must be behind that juniper?

I see a hand behind all that foliage

He cut away some branches, I can almost make him out---Maybe he's kind of shy!

Hey! there's Roy he's not shy at all!
After cutting most of the foliage he's working with a pair of jin pliers on the branches

After choosing a front for the tree he sets about styling and wiring the tree

The tree is raffled off and the smiling winner is Bill Tingle, congratulations!!!!

Well I still got 45 minuets left you want me to style that other juniper?

Duh ! What do you think --we can raffle that one also.

So 15 minuets later minus the foliage

30 minuets later having wired the tree and picked a front it's ready to be raffled of.

Dallas Bonsai Society president Chuck Talley and Roy are ready to have the 2nd raffle of the day.

The winner is new member Randy Harris
Lucky,lucky way to go Randy!
Thanks to Roy Nagatoshi for a great program.

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