Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hollywood juniper

Wednesday the 14, 2010 I was supposed to report for jury duty but when I called
they said my "presence was not needed" so I didn't have to go. Good thing too cause my
friend Se called and said he had some free time,could I use his help?
Sure I could use some help, I was planning to work on this Hollywood Juniper.

Before side one

before side 2

In preparation to wiring and putting
some severe bends in the branches....

Se puts some raffia on the trunk &
branches to protect the bark

Having put a severe bend in on a branch
Se starts a 2 & 1/2 hr. wiring job on the rest of
the tree.

The wiring completed it took 4 hrs.
from start to finish. All that's left is for the
tree to fill in with some growth and it's
repot in to a bonsai container next February.

Great job se !!!! Thanks for the help!
Next time you see this tree it will be repotted
in a bonsai pot in spring. If somebody doesn't
buy it in the meantime!

Till next time...wax on wax off!

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