Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fort Worth Bonsai Convention

Convention day is
finally here....& were packing the trailer and getting ready to go!!!!

The sheriff Steven Hendricks & deputy
Ladd Kelley are at the registration desk.

Later the rest of the registration posse
is present consisting of Mike Prachyl/Diane
Lowe/Steven Hendricks/&Dan Leblanc.

Headliners Peter Warren from the UK/Matt Ouwinga from Chicago,Ill./Peter Tea from Calf.
and shown here working on a juniper is Guy
Guidry from Louisiana.

Peter Tea on the left & John Kirby on the
right from Von's gardens,with a magnificent pine that Peter spent a day and a half trimming &
wiring for John.

Gregory LeBlanc from Black Bayou
Bonsai in Louisiana works on one of his trees .

Allen Roach from Pensacola Florida
speaks to a customer.

Dan & Jerry Hammack from
Sanderson Creek Bonsai in Ft.Worth -dang it
Jerry you moved just as I took the picture.

Estella Flather from Artistic Plants in
Burleson,Texas talks to Joe Andrews & customers.

Candy & Mike Hansen and their daugter
run MPB Bonsai Studio in Pflugerville,Texas.

Terry Ward makes sales to Candy Hansen
and Howard Smith.

Hurley Johnson from Timeless Trees in
Rosenburg,Texas works on one of his junipers.

After much trimming and wiring the
finished product well worth the effort!!

My daughter Tory and Howard & his
daughter Isabella. Howard and his wife Sylvia
run the Bonsai Smiths in Dallas,Texas.

Hi there Scott, almost didn't see you
there wearing a green shirt amongst all those
trees.Scott works for Metro Maples in Ft.Worth.

Scott is a long time friend and fellow
Bonsai enthusiasts & we both enjoy maples.

That's me Ray Hernandez from Bent Tree
Bonsai in Dallas,Texas.

This is part of the gang that hangs out
at Bent Tree Bonsai. starting on the left Mr. B
& his son /Jason/Greg/me /& kneeling Jacob.
Missing are Se and Eric, thanks guys for all the
help,couldn't have done it with out you.

Mr. B & Jacob checking out the items for raffle.
Scott Rae doing last minute checks so every thing
will go smoothly.

Good job Scott the Raffles went of smoothly
& thanks to the young ladies for all their help,
selling raffle tickets & holding up items.

Jacob seemed pleased with winning several
items from the Raffles!!!
All in all it was a great experience and a good

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