Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Texas Red Oak

Monday 3/22/2010

This was an 18 to 20 ft. red oak that I decided to dig up this yr. instead of next yr. The buds were starting break open so I chopped the top off & got the root ball out. This is what it looked like after I bare rooted it.

This is what remained after I cleaned it up, with most of the tap root intact.

This is the view from opposite side, it has a nice curve & about a 4" trunk at the base.

This is where I cut off the rest of the tap root from the bottom of the root mass.

Then I sat the tree in a tub of water to soak while I prepared a Styrofoam box to put it in.

After a few more cuts to the roots so it would fit in the box ,I filled it in with my bonsai soil mix.
So now I'll have to wait & see what develops. I will probably have to grow new branches from scratch provided it survives.
Updates on it's progress, I hope!

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